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The Aral colour composition

Aral blue gradient

Aral’s brand design is in large parts based on the Aral blue respectively the Aral blue gradient: the interaction of this colour composition with the Aral logo and Aral typeface create Aral’s unique identity.

Blue is beautiful.  Aral Blue gradient

Blue is beautiful. Aral Blue gradient

Simplified version of Aral Blue gradient with colour values.

Simplified version of Aral Blue gradient with colour values.

The Aral gradient is a radial gradient which reaches its lightest starting point to the top left of the format, and its darkest to the bottom right. Between these two CMYK blue (respect. grey) tones are an additional three CMYK blue (respect. grey) tones which define the gradient. This “gradient combination” always remains the same, regardless of format. Only the individual gradient areas which depict the individual tone may differ in size and expansion. In principle, however, all five tones can be found across gradient’s diagonal. The Aral gradient is complemented by a gradient shadow. In portrait format, this shadow is positioned below the image corridor; in landscape format, next to the image corridor. Even for full-format Aral blue gradients without image corridor the gradient shadow is located to the top end of the format. A black & white version of the Aral grey gradient is to be used only in daily newspapers. Gradient reference cards are available to match the gradient application in printing.
Aral Blue

Aral blue


If the Aral blue gradient cannot be implemented, Aral blue is used instead. Aral’s special colours should be applied to this. Alternatively, the binding CMYK value should be used. Special Aral blue colours are also mandatory for films, paint, plastic, etc.

The color gradient of different blue tones

Aral screen values


The colour component consumed by the screen values must be less than that consumed by the Aral Blue gradient component respect. the Aral blue colour component. Aral blue screen values may be used in addition to Aral blue, white or black, to accentuate worded content.

Palette with four colors Aral of the Aral color world

Supplementary colours

The four supplementary colours are to accentuate worded content and are never used in a decorative context and with a functional purpose only. Prior to making such a colour choice it must be considered if the intended presentation could also be achieved using the Aral blue gradient, alternatively Aral blue, white or an Aral blue screen value. The supplementary colours must not consume more than 4% of the format of a single-page medium or of the covers of multi-page media. The following colour hierarchy applies to communication: Aral blue gradient over Aral blue; over white; over Aral blue screen values; over supplementary colours.