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Aral world of images

There is no typical Aral theme as Aral’s world of images is highly diverse. Despite of such diversity, however, the images still have some characteristics in common.

World of images composition

The guiding principle is that Aral images must always look natural. This means they have more of an observing personality rather than being orchestrated. They seem to be taken in real life situations which gives them snapshot appeal. People who lead a very normal life – without being boring in the process – are shown in situations that observers immediately identify with.


Aral images waive dissociative, distorted or extremely exaggerated contents in favour of naturalness even if studio set-ups are indispensable, as the individual case may be. Aral’s world of images is also marked by crisp colours and a warm, pleasant and natural light atmosphere. Strong flash lighting and harsh contrasts are equally dispensed with, as is a colouring that creates an artificial feel.


Aral image motifs are not searching images as they always distinctly focus on a statement. The observer becomes part of the world shown and is ‘brought into the picture – into the Aral world’. For road and landscape motifs a central European impression is necessary for Aral to be a credible German fuel brand. Products are staged in a realistic environment or utilised as clipping paths for specific representations. The important thing is that the image focuses on a statement and arouses emotions.


Further details regarding Aral imagery can be found in the “Print Guidelines” manual.