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The brand architecture

Aral has been part of the international BP Group since 2002. Following the merger of Aral and BP, the goal was to also allow the two brands to become visually one.

Brand architecture composition
In 2003/2004, in a major logistical feat, BP service stations in Germany changed their brand identities to Aral. The fact that the blue service stations in Germany and Luxembourg are owned by BP is visually expressed by the "Aral - A Company of the BP Group" livery. BP remains the umbrella brand which manages refineries as well as business with the aviation and marine industry, bitumen and lubricants (with brands such as Aral, BP, Castrol). In terms of brand hierarchy, BP is the corporate brand and Aral the master brand with Aral Ultimate and PetitBistro as product brands of the Aral brand.