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The brand values

Aral. Alles super. – Aral's brand claim is an ambassador for the outstanding quality of its products and services. It also stands for Germany's largest network of service stations, excellence of location and consistency of brand identity.

Brand values composition

Aral is not only successful when it comes to forecourt operations, but is also one of Germany's most renowned and valuable brands. Aral owes this success to many factors, two of the most important ones being its brand values and visual identity. The brand identity sums this up. Tradition and flexibility, the cultivation of proven practices and an open mind for a new, modern identity paired with clear guidelines that define flexible design options - these are values that describe Aral's brand identity and brand design.


The foundation of this brand identity is a clear-cut philosophy which is based on the values of the Aral brand. Its most important design parameters - logo and claim, colour scheme, blue gradient, the tableau idea and typeface as well as the image and photo concept – are defined in the principles. Jointly they characterise Aral's typical, unique identity. This identity visualises the image and forms the frame for modern brand communication. It is the junction between Aral and the customer. But it is the people behind the brand that make a brand's success.