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The Aral jingle

A sound logo, commonly also referred to as a jingle, can be described as acoustic branding used for all audio (visual) presentations of the brand, making it part of the Corporate Identity.

Using a jingle within an advertisement or similarly distinctly raises the identification of the originator. What is important in order to associate the audio logo with the brand is that the jingle is used frequently and consistently – preferably in all media that are relevant to the brand, such as TV, radio, Internet, telephone waiting loops or computer system sounds. Aral has successfully pursued this approach with its jingle since 2004. Depending on the intention, it can be played either at the beginning, at the end, or both the beginning and end, of an advertisement.


Using a jingle at the start and the end of a spot creates what is termed "Brand Framing", which tunes the listener into the message from the very first second. The listener memorises the jingle and creates an association with the Aral brand when hearing the jingle.


This Website offers the possibility to listen to the sound logo either on its own, or to hear it used in a jingle or a TV spot.

Aral TV Spot "Foto"
Aral TV Spot "Tattoo"