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The name Aral

A standardised spelling and combination of the word Aral with other nouns contributes towards the unique character and recognition of the Aral brand.

Aral in blue font
The name ‘Aral’ is composed of the initial letters of the two main compounds of the first super fuel: AR (aromates) and AL (aliphates). The name is written in full capitals in the Aral logo only. Everywhere else the logo and all text body are written in upper and lower case. Worded combinations using Aral, e.g. Aral Petrol Station, are not hyphenated and should form a sensible link with the name Aral: Aral Employees, Aral Fuel, etc. Less logical combinations with the name are best paraphrased, such as Wellness Set by Aral; PetitBistro by Aral. This makes it easier for customers to associate typical Aral products and services with the name.