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The Aral typeface

Three big A in blue
Aral uses its “Aral V2” typeface for communications with its customers. The rounded shape of the letters is the logical complement to the brand’s fundamental design language, thereby steadily supporting the Aral brand. Aral V2 in white set against the Aral blue gradient enjoys an extremely high recognition value and contributes accordingly to a harmonious brand image.
The font of Aral Schrift in three different types

The Aral V2 typeface to be used for Aral’s brand identity comes in a Light, Regular and Medium typeface design. The typefaces are available online here or can be requested from the brand management. Before their release it is ensured that the typeface data are used exclusively for Aral communication measures.


Identities of Aral Typeface

Lorem ipsum Sample text in Aral font
Lorem ipsum Sample text in Aral font
To achieve Aral’s typical characteristic the typeface is to be used in white set against the Aral blue gradient respect. against a background in Aral blue; alternatively, set in Aral blue or black against a white background.

Application of Aral Typeface

Using the font of Aral in PDF
Worded content using larger font sizes should be written in Aral blue, white or a percentage value of Aral blue, preferably of a Medium design. A longer worded content should use smaller font sizes in black or white, using a Light typeface design. Shorter worded content of a smaller font size can be set in Aral blue, white or black and, depending on the desired emphasis, use either of the three typeface designs (Light, Regular, Medium).
Aral text is always left-aligned, no exceptions, using upper and lower case. Typical for Aral is the full stop at the end of the header which is required throughout Aral’s entire communication with Aral customers. The use of exclamation marks, if possible, should be dispensed with.